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sourcing parts....

26-06-09, 19:29
Hello all,
i'm going mad loking at the range of models and prices for each type of model, it seems there is no price range for certain types of models with average mileage on, it just seems that peple put a price on and someone either buys it at that or not..

i'm looking for two options, one is the well known hard to find multivan t4 with a/c, the second choice would be kombi style van with wo seats on frint and bench seat of two or three in the rear (ideally on rails to move from rear to front but requires to have seat belts for lil ones. In both options above i want a tailgate not barn doors on the rear.

it is worth me just buying a transporter and putting in my own interior much like either of the two choices above ?, als is there anywhere that you can source multivan style interior ? not jsut seats but table cup holders etc.. ?