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gear selecting problem help !

26-06-09, 19:50
My new purchase a 1996 transporter 1.9td is a real pig to get into the right gear.Often i have to pull away in 3rd ! and sometimes it goes into reverse instead of 1st.Have i been ripped off or can it be fixed ??? help !

26-06-09, 20:42
having a similar hassle with my 95 with 3rd gear so bled the slave cylinder now 3rd ok but 2nd is a pig so looks like a new slave cylinder is in order..

Chuffin Hell
26-06-09, 20:44
simple fix if it is the slave cylinder fingers crossed

26-06-09, 20:49
not convinced its the slave cylinder. hopefuly its only a gear selecter problem.:confused:

27-06-09, 14:28
have you checked the linkages?you can see them on the right hand sie if ou open the bonnet,one of the bushes went on mine and it was a pain,cost me a quid and 30 mins of my spot on!!!

27-06-09, 14:33
As above, on the linkage which can be seen above the gearbox, there are a socket and ball in nylon. They have probably worn so you are all over the shop when selecting.

Not easy to do, but the results are worth it.

Parts less than a tenner.

27-06-09, 17:27
I have similar probs, going up the box is fine, coming down is hard...4th to 3rd imposs. I replaced the plastic cup but still no joy. looking at all the links they look ok but something must be out of line (if i go from 4th to 2nd (or even just move the gear lever near but not fully in 2nd) i can then get 3rd. Ive learned to live with it I:

pearly whites
27-06-09, 17:40
mine goes in and out of gear fine but makes a really anoying rattely noise but if i pull back on the gear stick or put it in gear it shuts up :confused:

03-07-09, 11:33
mine has just done the same
only 3rd 4th and fith - have looked at ball on top of gearbox - no cup (no plastic surround)

Why wont the gearstick allow movement to first or reverse!?!?

Anyone in swindon that can help - parts/ assistance

03-07-09, 15:47
My mate at the garage adjusted it ,now its fine,common problem he said .Thanks for all the help guys.If only i had found this forum before i got ripped off for my van !