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Battleship grey

Daithi B
26-06-09, 20:05
Hey how are things, long time lurker first time poster.
Just got myself a 92 carravelle that i have a few jobs to do on and was considering a new paint job as there are quiet a few spots that need to be resprayed. So after seeing a few nato green paint jobs was thinking of a battleship grey one. seeing as it would be matt I thought it might not be too awful to do myself. What do y'all think.

Smokey Fontaine
26-06-09, 20:17
Battleship grey, how about with metal flake? Dont listen to me, I have been drinking! A:

Welcome to the forum, lots of info to read through on here.


26-06-09, 21:09
don't worry about what we think on here you do what you want to do.

if you do it in grey don't forget the penant number on the side!

Might I suggest T4

26-06-09, 21:29
I sprayed my old van battleship grey and it looked great, it was gloss though :ILU:

26-06-09, 21:30
Did my mk1 caddy in grey primer and it looked spot on... until someone nicked it and used it for a number of ram raids in the local town :eek:

Welcome to the forum anyway and post us some pics when the vans painted T:

27-06-09, 09:05
I was going to do this - but can't find satin grey anywhere.........

Primer is porous, so won't work........ :(

Daithi B
27-06-09, 11:55
nice one lads, reckon t'would pretty cool alright. Like the sound of the T4 on the side. Thats an awful way to see a caddy go though.

27-06-09, 14:07
I want to re spray mine.......thinkin of colours was gonna do it mattt black but Im not 100% grey sounds good!!post some pics if you do it!!

Also anyone know the best way to remove stonechip?