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Friend quoted 3000 for new auto box fitted??

26-06-09, 21:23
Sounds expensive?

26-06-09, 21:24
That it does!

26-06-09, 21:25
Sounds expensive?

Manchester VW Van centre by any chance?

26-06-09, 22:10
I name no names!

28-06-09, 10:29
OMG that's expensive: eek: unless this is a brand new box as opposed to a re-con of your own :confused:

A good reputable transmission specialist will fully re-con yours for approx 2k inc vat. You could possibly get it cheaper but there is always a risk with going too cheap.

Most of the expense of the job is in the labour to remove and replace which, apparently, is a real labour intensive pain. If you are then getting a brand new box it might actually be the going rate. Get some main dealer prices and work down from there!