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Early T4 diagnosis tool cable

Jim Doodle
27-06-09, 16:12
I found this in ebay today for only 3.99

It's a cable that converts the the older 2x2 connector (pre 96) to the new style obdII connector, which should then enable you to use the usual vag-com and other hopefully any other diagnosis tools.

The cable


The connector
Found just above the fusebox under the dash on the drivers side


Jim Doodle
28-06-09, 01:16
Found a nice tutorial on an autobox vag-com diagnosis, hopefully be doing this myself next week. Lots of other handy tutorials with the vagcom on there also.



And more specifically to my investigation the auto gearbox temp procedure:

ATF Temperature, checking:

Automatic Transmission Fluid temperature needs to be within a specified range when checking the fluid level. See your Factory Repair Manual for the range for your vehicle.

[02 - Auto Trans]
[Meas. Blocks - 08]
Set group to "005" (May be group 002 or 004 in some vehicles - again check the Repair Manual).
The value in field 1 should be ATF temp in C