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VW Dust Caps

Smokey Fontaine
28-06-09, 16:57
Its only a small thing but me n the wife have just been bike riding on the Tissington Trail in Derbyshire. Just got home and noticed some mutha fcuker has stolen one of me VW dust caps.
I didnt use the little grub screw as they rust and are a pig to get off to inflate the tyres.

I know they dont cost much but that has really pi**ed me off! There are some c**ts about.

Rant over, sorry for the profanity. A big bottle of Cobra to calm me nearves i think.....


Big T
28-06-09, 17:55
When it comes to dust caps I allways just run standard black plastic ones!! Had fancy ones in the past and despite the fact they cost less than a tenner it's frustrating to have them nicked. Even had some swiped at a show so since then I've not botherd!! Also yet to have a standard one fail me yet!! :D

28-06-09, 18:30
Justa quick tip to anyone who fits the fancy alloy dust caps. Make sure you put a good smudge of vasaline on each one before fitting. It cost me dearly to the tune of 5 per wheel on my Golf . The caps had bonded themselves to the valves and no amount of persuassion would get them off, had to go and get new valves fitted. I now use plain plastic caps. Thought this might be of interest to you guys.

28-06-09, 19:16
When I first got my van, and was chuffed to cluck about it, my mate Tim got me a set of really cool VW ones, they lasted a month before some tw*t lifted em. I bought another identicle set so I didn't have to tell my mate they'd been nicked, and the little tw*ts had them away within the hour :eek: thieving bstds.
Yup, sweet as custom black placky ones now. It seems the tea leaves round here cant figure out how to remove the black plastic ones, been on for ages; fckin idiots.

Smokey Fontaine
29-06-09, 18:04
At least its not just me. I think i will have to go th the black ones too......


Steve W
29-06-09, 18:21
Yes just stick with the bog standard black ones the little f*****s will not rob them, i've had the same thing happen to me with my 8 ball ones, really anoying as they were a gift from someone i new but has since left our world. Only a small thing but stealing is stealing.

Still what goes round an all, rant over then, lol.

Steve W....

29-06-09, 21:12
...or stick a nice set on Friday daytime, and spend friday evening sitting at least 5 feet from a slightly open window aside a bulky object with the light off - making sure you have a good view of vehicle. When aforementioned theivin little ****e turns up to have a tinker, shoot the [email protected] with your posh gas-powered air rifle. Hide air rifle somewhere sneaky - like friendly neighbours lock-up toppers with building supplies then quietly guffaw at a job well done. next morning takew them off and save them for occasions.Rasp:

Steve W
30-06-09, 05:15
Or a JUNKYARD DOG on a very long chain attached to the van. LOL

Steve W....

30-06-09, 08:20
Inverter set to 1meeeeeeeellion volts wired up to the caps - mwahahahahaha, then stick the dancin' chav vid on YoutubeA: