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back and in black (what do you think)

28-06-09, 21:02
its not finished yet but decided to take my van out of the unit and go to the west yorkshire meet at xscape tonight.
Good to meet everyone and sorry for not being able to stop on for something to eat.

well the van was originally a white X pack panel van and since march iv been working long hours at night on her
there are still some jobs to do but shes nearly there as you can see.
iv done loads to the van but i'll just list the biggest things done so not to bore you all

All door handles removed and new sections welded in.
Every door is now operated by an 8 channel remote that pops open each door at the press of a button later it will operate the windows and electric start.
Rear tailgate shaved and smoothed
Rear bumper has been extended by 4" and number plate recess intalled
Caravelle interior, door cards and dash sprayed with special matting paint (looks like leather) and trimmed to match the re trimmed cream leather and perforated black Audi s line seats
DVD system front and rear
19" dotz
80mm phat side bars
and after all of that painted in vw black magic paint which has a lovely blue metalic when the sun hits it

all the work and fabricating was done by myself and lee except the trimming which was dealt with by our own trimmer who did the front and rear seats in 4 daysT:

i should make it a Competition for who spots the most mods

28-06-09, 21:04
those wheels look evil, the rest ain't bad thou.

28-06-09, 21:15
Going by the pics (even though they can sometimes be deceptive) that's one of the best overall T4s I've ever seen - VERY well thought out and proves the point that less really IS more


28-06-09, 21:23
Cant see the photos

28-06-09, 21:24
love the rear no plate T:,interior is lovely

28-06-09, 21:25
Cant see the photos

i thought that aswell - click username and go to album T:

28-06-09, 21:27
where are the photosLOL::confused::confused::confused::confused: LOL:LOL:LOL:

28-06-09, 21:27
i think Darth Vader will be trading in his X-wing for one of these.

28-06-09, 21:29
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttA:A:A: A:A:A:A:

28-06-09, 21:35
smart as A:A::ILU::ILU:

28-06-09, 21:44
Love the sprayed dash.. where'd you get the paint for that??

28-06-09, 21:50
That is totally gorgeous! A: Nice work. What paint did you use to the dash and other plastics, it looks really good?

28-06-09, 22:34
i could tell which way you went home i followed the oil splats........

joking bud i ended up with a nice dent on way home from a bloody trailer through the road works and alex posted the electric gate fob into the hole in dash so when i got in it was a major strip to find it apart from that all good

pure t4
28-06-09, 23:23
you have to see it close up it looks sweet as, as you look round there is more little things done will be totally stunning when gets the last few bits done. love the dash and side bars. T:

think you will find the oil was mine its ok LOL: im sorry i had to go but my alex was having a bad day and needed me lol he may have coursed hell at home but a least i could get in :(

29-06-09, 08:43
These guys have just lowered my van, and did a cracking job by the way T:, so I got to see this van in the flesh so to speak. I wasn't keen on this bus for two good reasons. 1) it made mine look :( and 2) I could actually feel my wallet kicking me in the back pocket demanding that I spend a boat load of money :eek:. Honestly this bus is gorgeous and a real credit to the work they do there A:. I will be back with you shortly for more work doing Andy T: T: T:

29-06-09, 13:00
looking very niceT:

how have you wired up your fog light?

29-06-09, 21:23
thanks for all your comments really appreciatedT:

just to answer your questions

the paint we buy in from a paint specialist that visits us on a weekly basis and we add a matting agent to it to get the effect

fogs are wired up to a proper vw headlight switch out of a golf and i made the loom up preety easy done a few now for people

Happy Days
30-06-09, 08:49
Nice Job FellaA:

New to the world of T4 and looking to pinch idea's.Not one for over the top kits and stick on plastics from Halfords and Your van proves that less is more



30-06-09, 09:11
Very very rude. looks super clean mate.

excellent work

loving the interior


30-06-09, 20:00
fogs are wired up to a proper vw headlight switch out of a golf and i made the loom up preety easy done a few now for people

the rear fog light?

are you using one of the reverse lights?

30-06-09, 20:10
Awesome Van everything I wish mine was!

30-06-09, 20:59
the rear fog light?

are you using one of the reverse lights?

ah sorry, the rear fog us under the bumper on a swing down bracket, its cool for the mot and when its foggy and keeps everything clean.

30-06-09, 21:31
That is a very sweet van and those wheels are the mutts [email protected]&s:ILU::ILU:

03-07-09, 00:32
lovely looking vanA:A:A:A:A:

theres far to many mods to list:cool:

door mods are very impressive, the look very straight from the photosT:

04-07-09, 22:18
hi mate y am i not allowed to view yer pix?

04-07-09, 22:20
how do ya b cum a registered member?

04-07-09, 23:23
ive just got a semi looking at that van