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Advice please RE: 2.4 diesel power ?

02-07-09, 15:58
been to look at a 99 t4 ,2.4 non turbo today, It seemed to be absolutley lacking in power ,2nd gear bit hard to get to ,I've not driven a 2.4 before and was wondering what the performance was supposed to be like , the van was pretty good on the eye ,almost 2 nice for the price TBH , any advice gladly taken..Calum

02-07-09, 16:01
sounds foobarred

02-07-09, 16:34
i thought they stopped making 2.4s in 1998 ???? maybe just a late registered one ??

02-07-09, 17:26
I've got a 2.4 Diesel 1995 and it no way lacks in power. If you drive it best thing to do is drive the van up an incline at around 40mph (with around 2 - 3,000 revs) and try to accelerate. If the van won't accelerate, or struggles, the problem is usually the air mass meter.

Hope that helps!

03-07-09, 06:35
Hi..The 2.4 is a gutless pig and i drove 2 of them before buying a new 2.0 petrol in 2001.Any petrol one is better.In 2004 i got one of the last 2.5 tdi T4 vans new and still own it 5 years later.The turbo diesel is the best and anyone who drives it or is a passenger cant believe its a diesel as its quiet,smooth and fast.At 140 000 km it does the same km on a tank it did when i first got it.This is the best car ive had.Previously owned an AudiA: S6 as well but prefer the van.A:A:A: