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pink roof and other red paint woes

03-07-09, 15:08
I love my van!
Looked at it recently and thought she needs treating to a paint job but I really can't afford one right now.
Anyone got any advice for bringing some faded red paint back to an even shade. The roof is pink and all the panels seem to have faded at diffetrent rates.
I have a 9" variable speed sander/polisher but usually only use this for polishing surfboards after sanding. Is it the same or do I have to be real careful of going through the paint? What products are out there? What's the easiest way to get it looking good again? I tried Tcutting it a while back but nearly died of exhaustion in the process, man its a lot of paint!!
All advice welcomed.

03-07-09, 15:29
Try a patch on the roof first with your 9 speed dohc turbo super duper polishin thingy,go easy and see what results you get.At least you wont see it if you do :* up.
Red paint is a b:*ch to keep nice

03-07-09, 15:36
Good idea Alltorque.
Yous right thar, it is a beeeeeeeetch to keep good.
"9 speed dohc turbo super duper polishin thingy"
Jeez, it aint that good, its only the non turbo version, planning a PP job on it tho once I finish the van. :D

03-07-09, 16:14
'Tornado Pink' is a bugger, ain't it......

Seriously - red paint attracts ultra violet rays (apparently) and fades easily......

Lots of elbow grease makes it look better, but I don't believe there's a proper 'cure'

03-07-09, 16:26
Tornado Pink - for the authentic Top Gun experience

(male models in "sports / fasion" underwear not included T: )

03-07-09, 17:29

you will need to cut the pink paint back to red like i did here..

by hand its doable but machine DA is the best way... with a cutting compound.


03-07-09, 17:56
white spirit and then wax .. works a treat , like spending a whole afternoon with the t-cut :*:D

obviously try a small area first but ive just done my red/pink roof and it came up a treat

pearly whites
03-07-09, 19:23
use a cutting compound like g3 a little goes along way use your polishing thingy but be careful use abit of water so you dont burn the paint should come up show room shiney T:

03-07-09, 19:28
use g3, keep it wet, keep the machine moving, and not to fast, wear old clothes and make sure theres not a coach parked the other side of the fence like i did'nt and it ended up with a green stripe all the way down it after i done my roof.T:

04-07-09, 07:30
red does bleach easy

04-07-09, 08:28
Nice one lads, gonna deffinitely try the white spirit/wax thing today.
maybe G3 it when I have a bit more time.

04-07-09, 14:05
Is colour magic any good for this as my mate says he done a friends red car with it & it took all the pink out of it? Planning to do mine with it but dont wanna waste the time & effort if it aint gonna work:(

04-07-09, 15:14
The colour magic is made by the Tcut folk, I had some black for my wife's old puma and it was OK but not as goos the adverts said it was. Hard work too if I remember right.

04-07-09, 21:08
T cutted and then polished my mk2 gti over a 2 week period as was a bit pink in places.
Yes and sweated good,but came up a treat T:
Time and effort is the key,and a good polishing arm

If i could sort how 2 load me photo's i could show end result!

05-07-09, 11:23
I have noticed after polishing my red van, which looks good to start, soons goes off with a slightly white tinge about it. I used to have a Toyota with red mica metallic paint, that hardly ever needed polishing. My T4 needs polishing frequently to stay looking good.

05-07-09, 20:13
Did the roof of the van this weekend, i used auto glym super resin polish and then a coat of collinite 476, came up a treat no more pink roof .
I think I need to find a paint sealant with uv blocking property's to slow down the paint fade.

05-07-09, 20:28
If you have the patience, it's been mentioned before on a different thread mixing some tcut with some mer and doing it by hand. Tried it on my greenish white roof and it came up quite well.

06-07-09, 06:20
Started to give the roof a polish this weekend with some cheap "car plan" wax, begger me it came up lovely, looks like new again; well the section I did came up like new. After doing the rest of the van I was knackered so decided I'll do the rest of the roof next week. Not sure how long the cheapo wax shine will last, so I gave it a going over with Mer as well. Boy did I sweat yesterday.

06-07-09, 06:22
Not dure if I wqas doing something wrong but the white spirit then wax didn't seem to do anything different to just wax. Worth a play with though.

06-07-09, 14:05
I found meguiars ultimate compound is best, it does the job of T-cut but with out any elbow work, goes on like a polish and comes off well to even if the suns out

06-07-09, 19:55
Nowt beats elbow grease - know what you mean about a good sweat - did the whole van, washed, chamoised and mer'd. sweated like a para in a spelling test.H: