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1.8t 20v turbo in a t4

04-07-09, 18:03
Hi all,

has anyone undertaken the above mad yet ?, im thinking of doing it and was unsure of what would fit and what wouldnt ie gearbox engine mounts etc :confused:

04-07-09, 18:37
i posted a few months ago ref this, still waiting, be sure if someone can work out this conversion they are going to be very very busy in the coming years... chipped 1.8T 212BHP in standard form..., cheapest BHP around by a long shot... :eek::eek:

We have people putting subara boxer engines in Beetles, splitties and baywindows, also V8's etc.. GTI engines in T25's were space is an issue, Long nose T4 had a VR6 lump in it so space should not be an issue...

Surley this would be a fairly straight forward conversion (ish) if supplied with a loom, they are fitting them in MK1 and MK2 and M3 golfs on a regular basis

Interested to here from some mechanicly (poor spelling) minded people on this subject....

04-07-09, 19:16
ye i was really suprised that this isnt allready a popular transplant.... ie running gear is easily obtainable... ive just got a feeling it's the gearbox that is an issue....

05-07-09, 19:41
Surely if the T4 had a VR6 then an R32 wouldn't be much of a problem to drop in. It's the old 2.8 VR6 bored out to 3.2 in essance. Was looking at this myself. Trouble is the R32 is 4 if not 5 times dearer to find a doner car than a VR6.

05-07-09, 20:36
20v engine transplant is possible but lots and lots of work and problems to overcome.
Quite a new guy on here called "orange is best" he's had his T4 converted to 20v and its got the 6speed box,both from a VRS octavia.
Company called the Phirm did the job for him but i dont know how much it cost.....

22-08-13, 21:50
im just about to do the wiring on my 1.8t 20v engine conversion! not very hard to do just takes time!

bud the spud
23-08-13, 08:04
Well worth doing and so much fun