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Big trouble in little china - (aka bvf)

05-07-09, 07:54
Just taken my nice shiny T4 up to BVF and was just leaving last night to come home when I leaving the campsite the van decided to engage reverse instead of where first gear use to be, having pulled away in second a loud banging noise start up just for good measure.

This is where is gets good and any sensible advice would be great here abouts.

On open the lid I discovered the engine a dropped from the mounts, crashed onto the drive shaft and basically brought the van to a big halt.

The van is now back with the garage from where it came as it was still under warranty but I was wondering if anyone out there could give me any advise as to what I should make sure the garage replace as the only thing stopping the block hitting the deck was the exhaust and a breather hose. ouch!!

05-07-09, 08:03
someone on here had a similar incident recently,there van was a 1.9 diesel and the engine mount bolts had ripped right out the engine block,in the end he was needing a new engine,sorry mate :eek:

05-07-09, 09:22
OK thats for that mate, anyone else out there got any ideas or help they can offer as I wont the garage to get it right on the repair front - mucho thanks again