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T4 trailer

05-07-09, 17:45
I know one or two of you are making trailers out of old T4s just wondering how they're getting on as i cant find the links any were and i want to do something similar during the winter when i finally pull my finger out and finish my other project (astra erghhh :no ) thanks in advance :ILU:

05-07-09, 17:50
To save yourself the job have a look on Ebay. Rhosneiger Gaz has one for sale.


05-07-09, 17:59
I cant seem to find it do you have an item number? im not actually doing it to a t4 either but still like a nosey :ILU:

05-07-09, 18:14
Its sold, allready a thread running on here about it. T:

general lee
05-07-09, 19:20
there to heavy from what ive been told so im going down the route of a teardrop trailer :ILU::ILU::cool:

pearly whites
05-07-09, 19:23
i was thinking of making one out of a caddy van

05-07-09, 19:39
i was thinking of making one out of a caddy van

vwaddict has one made from a caddy van,looks good T:

05-07-09, 20:56
me and ade from t4srus are looking at making one soon so will keep u guys posted as to how it goes,

05-07-09, 22:10
seen one recently where a guy had made a mk2 golf in to a trailer,he had used the front for a change and trimmed/cut it at the dash and you put all your stuff under the bonnet,looked brilliant T:

06-07-09, 16:03
I had a chat with a fella at vanfest 3 or 4 years ago who'd made a trailer from the back end of a mk2 Polo breadvan. He'd bought a front ended car and chopped it at the b pillar, then welded on a tow bar. he'd put his 3 way fridge agaainst the new front bulkhead with a leccy hook-up to his T25 camper.

I was well impressed (not that difficult to do........) A:

edit: and here's a piccy : http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3619/3456286039_b7c135f882.jpg?v=0

06-07-09, 21:11
If ur looking for a cheap teardrop trailer try Emailing [email protected] 07923516920. just brought his first 1 last week for the kids, used it at bvf. Sleeps 2 got mains and battery. The kids loved it. And the guy just starting a business and might be up for a dealT: