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recovery man saw me coming, a mile off.

reuby tuesday
05-07-09, 19:43
i have recently been having a burning feeling inside. the feeling that i know all too well . it was the money that i've been saving for a van burning a hole in my pocket ! i saved 2000, and felt it was time to buy a t4. unfortunately i'm unbelievably impulsive. i saw an ex AA t4 outside the train station near where i work, it was only 1750! a bargain i thought. phoned up the number , and knew i was going to buy this van. stupid i know , but hinesite is a wonderfully thing. so i went after work for a test drive it seemed alright , (apart from the fact that it had 190,000 miles on the clock) !! but i had in my brain that i wanted this van . its still got all the tool chest in the back ,and winch buttons , and i thought it would be ideal to convert into a camper. well to cut a long story, short. he said it'd been looked after , well kept, ... what he neglected to say was that there was a dirty great hole in the exhaust , by the cat, so i couldn't see it when i looked under it,so new exhaust. it needs a new power steering rack, and the sliding door came off the runner on the evening i got it home, amounst other things...... this van is 11 years old, the body work is sound, the engine seems to run fine, should i keep this van or sell it on .??? i need someone else's opinion... :(H::confused:

spanner monkey
05-07-09, 19:54
All pretty ordinary things to go wrong, you could probably put them right by selling the ex aa bits that you dont need on ebay and using the proceeds to fix the problems, you could probably have the exhaust welded for a few quid which will buy you some more time. and look out for people breaking vans for the steering rack rather than new or reconditioned, youll be up and running in no time.
The ex AA vans make great campers as they are a great spec for the job, you should keep it- you wont regret it

05-07-09, 20:14
stick with it mate for that price,everything is sortable.....good luck and keep it vw.:ILU:

05-07-09, 20:19
Sort the cat out by using the front pipe off the earlier 2.4, should only cost you 40 and its a straight swap and i`m sure someone on this forum does the door runners for reasonable money.


05-07-09, 20:20
Dont give up now you have your van mate , give it time to show you its good points when you have sorted its problems out.
get ur supscript paid and look at all the advice you need and check the classifieds section loads of stuff goin cheap or free
good luck and keep it yellowT:

05-07-09, 20:24
If the exhaust looks well old, it may not be weldable. A quick fix i used on my old saab was woodfiller that i had in the garage. lasted until the 'zorst fell off, and didn't really smell that bad either!
For the door bits, try - they usually have them in stock and may be able to help with the other bits and bobs.
Good luck with the sorting!
(did you get an idea when it was last serviced, cambelt, water pump etc?)

06-07-09, 06:36
Sounds to me like you got a good deal. All those tyhings are minor stuff. If you saved 2k you should have 250 left, that'll buy you a custom stainless exhaust from Powerflow (circa 200 quid), and a door roller (20 quid I think) with 30 quid towards a steering rack. I'd love an ex AA jobby. Like someone else said the AA racking in the back fetches money on ebay too.
You did get a bargain mate, well done. Just check the belt and water pump's been done.

06-07-09, 07:44
Keep it mate i spent a year waiting to buy mine off a bloke i knew,
best thing i did never look back look forwards you wont regret anything.


ps bloody good price

06-07-09, 08:13
Like every body has said keep it. Im thinking next summer sell mine and buy standard and do it myself. U got a bargain.

With some of that money u will have left over, pay your subscription become a member of team yellow and get an abundance of useful and cost saving information from the forums.......who needs a Haynes manual:ILU:

06-07-09, 18:02
Sounds like you've found a bit of a bargin A: and got off lightly, I just bought a panel van for 3k, (9800 on the clock) the fella and the service book both say the cambelt's been done last month. I rang the dealer (who stamped the book) to double check, they have never had the van through their doors. I now have no f:*g clue what's been done and what hasn't, and the service manager at the dealer aint too happy either.

reuby tuesday
06-07-09, 23:06
thanks for the reassurance , i've been thinking it' a keeper, might as well spend out now, i'm moving down cornwall at the end of august.....surfs up trousers down... init.:D

07-07-09, 11:27
Maro, that sounds like a legal issue, if the service book has been stamped falsely and you've bought the van believing it to have a service history get a lawyer involved mate. You got rights. You could end up with a good end to this.
Anyone else in the know about this sort of thing??

Paul Norman
08-07-09, 09:09
had two big holes in my by the cat and one where the bracket should attach on the front bend. both got welded up for 40.00, all good.