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Whats the best propellant??

05-07-09, 21:47
"Greetings" as mr Boswell would say. (yes, i'm a scouser)
I have done all the introductions on another part of the site so now its time to turn into a real scouser and steal some of your info. lol.

Looking to grab a T4. Prefer long wheel base and none high top but that could change if something seduces me.

Previous bus was a Talbot Express (sad, I know but did the biz and had a 150litre LPG tank}
Not sure whats the best fuel on the VW. Ideally, I would like Petrol so I could add LPG for cheap running costs but not sure how they take to Gas. (Champagne fuel for Supermarket Lager or 8 ace Money}
I guess the Ludwig von Stoppen Floppens (sorry, thats what I call Diesels) are quite economical but whats the performance like?

The Talbot Sexpress would touch 75 and momentarily hit 80 with a tail wind and a prayer (but god help anyone riding in it with false teeth} so I dont really want to go backwards as far a speed is concerned.
I have a Vauxhall Vivaro as a works van (scouser with a job) and it's really spritely so I'm kinda hopin the VW will be around the same level.

Service history, high mileage an accident repaired vehicles don't worry me as long as i know its been repaired before I buy it. I will gut it anyway and do whatever it needs to give me peace of mind.

Any tips for fuel type greatly appreciated (if you are still awake)

By the way, you have probably noticed that I like using brackets. T:

05-07-09, 22:48
WelcomeT: and CALM DOWN CALM DOWN.Rasp:

06-07-09, 06:10
Hi, I've got a 2l petrol, and lpg would be a good route to take, the 2l is a low compression version of the Golf GTi lump, so spares ain't a problem, people say thet run better on gas anyway.
You don't get much for 1.49!!!