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Foam for seats

05-07-09, 23:55
Been riding around [and sleeping on ] the seat foam I got with my original cannon forge bed [still solid] but I want to upgrade the foam before a 2000 round trip to france - anyone know a good supplier and what kind of thickness/ type -I'm up in Scotland but Mail order would be possible if down south.


06-07-09, 08:48
frank-a lot of people have used a company called e foam,think you can google it and it will link to ebay shop,they have a choice of foam depending on occasional use,heavy use etc,worth a try,some people use a matterss topper for that extra comfort
i was lucky i got my foam from a caravan that was being dissmantled and its been good on the little use its had so far,happy with it and it was free :D

06-07-09, 22:20
Cheers - like that recycled caravan seat idea but I'll try efoam ss how I get on