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Arrghh! part just broke

06-07-09, 09:36

I noticed there was a very slight water leak from the t-junction pipe area at the side of the expansion thought it was the clip that had worked loose, so got the pliers out to move the clip and the t-junction just fell apart, it must have been cracked, and sprayed me with boiling coolant :eek: :*!
Has anyone got one kicking about that they could send me asap I:
just let me know how much and i'll paypal some funds, would go and get one from the dealer or wherever, but i,m now without transport :(

...or suggestions for a quick fix so I can drive it to get a new one I:

its the bit coloured red in the pic, (number 19)

thanks T:

(2.5 AJT)

06-07-09, 09:53
do you know a plumber ?? he can solder you one up till you get to the dealers,try pm will tidyts he may have something,i am going to the scrapyard this afternoon,i can look at the vw range and see if a golf,passat etc has something similar ??

06-07-09, 10:06
Great thinking T:T:T:T:
I'll get an off the shelf t-junction gas fitting , that should fit, and do as a temporary fix until i can get it sorted properly :D
Just finished nightshift so totally shattered...:( why do things always go wrong when you havent the time or energy to fix them ! LOL:
Many Thanks :D

06-07-09, 10:08
You say a temporary fix, but you might be able to get a stronger part thats better than a replacement from VW.

Please post your findings, and good luck T:

06-07-09, 15:20
i tried that when i was refitting the gear selector bush
they're funny sizes on the pipes not the normal plumbing
try tps for the part mate
they had it on the shelf when i phoned them
can't remember the price but they don't
cost that much

06-07-09, 15:38
Thanks, i'll try them T:T:T:

06-07-09, 16:36
yep same happened to me off shelf part from vw van centre about 3 quid i think

09-07-09, 14:32
Please post your findings, and good luck

I fitted a replacement part from TPS Chesterfield , ordered it, and it came the next day! top service A:, Doddle to fit, topped up with G12 and job done T:
I even took the opportunity to order a glove box lid as mine was missing....didnt order the handle though :o I:

I did try and fix it with Quicksteel (, didnt look too great but would have done the job, albeit temporarily...luckily the replacement part came faster than a speeding bullet :D

T:T:T: Thanks for suggestions and help T:T:T:

09-07-09, 20:55
Same part broke for us. Heated the pipe and pushed it over the rest of the part, jubille clip and still strong.