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2.4 d auto?

fred 0191
06-07-09, 10:18
are the 2.4d auto's any good? and how much faster than the 1.9td if any?

06-07-09, 19:44
i run a 2.4 auto it is very quick off the mark compared to a 1.9td but nothing spectacular after that as the gear ratios seem to be out a bit 70mph is 3,500rpm only ever took mine upto 80mph one real big plus is they are probably the most comfortable auto to drive but a few problems are connections on gearbox corrode making them do all sorts of wierd things and when you change gearbox oil change the filter take the valves out of the valve body and clean them out and then change box again after about 1k miles and it should be trouble free

06-07-09, 19:46
where i said change box i meant change oil

fred 0191
06-07-09, 19:52
thanks for that mate

07-07-09, 16:46
now thats the two very things i would avoid when looking for a van 2.4 and auto ... i would have a rethink there fred if thats the velle your after ..

Jim Doodle
07-07-09, 16:50
If the 2.4 is quicker than the 1.9td i would have have thought it was a nice middle ground without the risk of extra mechanical turbo parts?

team french
07-07-09, 17:09
black crapie is a 2.4 if you want to have a drive of one.

07-07-09, 21:17
been doing some scanning of the tinternet is its reg no something like M--6 YVV ?? looks tidy T:

Jim Doodle
08-07-09, 09:01
On a side note, automatic don't go there unless you need to!