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SDI Engine ?Any opinions

06-07-09, 15:29
and I'm going to look at T4 camper untill i saw it had a replacement 1900 SDI engine, havn't a bloody clue what there supposed to be like TBH, any help apreciated [starting to think we'll not be on rd for august holidays at this rate].....

06-07-09, 17:17
Hoping its not the italian based VM 2.4 Diesel with an Exhaust driven wind pump that was fitted to the Rover SD1 many a moon ago. Run away run away. :)

06-07-09, 17:26
Might be from a Caddy, not sure what the sdi means tho.

06-07-09, 17:33
the sdi is the most basic engine available in current range of vw diesel engines

standard diesel injection

no turbo

1.9 turbo`s are normally regarded as lacking power in a t4

this van is probably underpowered.

06-07-09, 18:17
Same as a TDI but without the Turbo,SDI's are normally aspirated but with direct injection and are ecu controlled and fly by wire,if its in a T4 then it probably has the old fuel pump on there and is cable operated.

06-07-09, 18:30
Thanks for the replies, had a read up and its probably off a caddy as some said, Its gonna be a total slug , shame cos it looks ok ,