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My new work van!

07-07-09, 18:58
Well I have got my dads old T4 as my new work vanA:
Much better than my rotten transit. Never buy a transit, they are f:*g ****:no
My transit is the same age and mileage as my red camper but is really rotten underneath:eek:, just shows how good vw's areT:
So my new one is j reg, 167k, 2.4, runs really well, bit tatty but that's ok, seat in the back which I'll leave in I think. I like itH:
Roof rack from BlackpoolT4T:
Have to join Team white now, still prefer Team redRasp:LOL:

07-07-09, 19:15
Welcome to team white!!(the only colour to be seen in). A sweet van there mate, and the 2.4 diesel goes on forever. Which one will you bring along to the meet though :dunno:.

07-07-09, 19:19
Cheers, could get a trailer and bring bothH:, or get the wife to drive the tatty oneI: