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bike racks

07-07-09, 21:24
evening all,

would like to ask you all wot sort off bike racks i can use on my 92 T4, would like to start chucking the bike on the back and taking um off some where, on a bit off a budget so cheaper the better

thak you all for any help

Aaron :ILU:

07-07-09, 21:27
can highly recommend this one!!

07-07-09, 21:53
I reccomend the fiamma, i got one, easy to fit and you can open the rear door / doors A:
i found the instructions hard but fitted easy enough, give me a shout if you need too!

08-07-09, 17:42
hey guys cheers for that,

Shame i aint got a tow bar cos tat would be a easy fix, but i aint, the fiamma look very sturdy, it look quite easy to put the bikes on by the look off it to,

cheers fella

08-07-09, 20:55
No worries! yes putting on / taking off the bikes is simple and they take 60Kgs i think it is. I stand on mine to wash the roof too!:ILU: