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What is a Transporter 1200 LW

07-07-09, 21:34
When i go for insurance my reg brings up "Transporter 1200 LW TDi", or something like that.

To my knowledge mine is known as a "T4 Transporter 2.5 TDi Dropside 88".

Is there a difference....?


07-07-09, 21:36
Is yours a long wheelbase, by any chance?

07-07-09, 21:39
thats same as mine
its a t4 lwb ,i think they were all 2.5 but not pos on that, its just a model something to do with wieght ,cant remember what

07-07-09, 21:42
I dont know if you would call it a long wheel base... I think they make a longer dropside than mine.

What is the 1200 all about ?

Mr Woodcraft
07-07-09, 21:55
1200 is the carrying weight

wind welder
08-07-09, 07:00
1200 LW = 1.2 tonne Laden Weight:)

Cheers Trev.