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Help Gearbox Clutch problem(s)

07-07-09, 22:14
They say knowledge is key so once again hoping the forum is the jailer:confused:
I think i may have some gearbox/clutch related problems but unsure what to do.
any ideas from my description below...........
Had the van for around a year but it does seem to be getting gradually worse(and i do mean a very gradual deteriation) its a 2500tdi 2002 blue

I first noticed it when the van was fully warm and had been on a long journey and struggled to engage reverse once id pulled up.
However, as time has gone on when its running warm it is difficult to disengage the gears despite the clutch being fully depressed.
For example I have found that if i slow down at an island and depress the clutch, as i pull up and whilst stationery ready to move from say 2nd or 3rd, i cant take it out of gear to select 1st ready to move off.:(

I then had to try and move off in 3rd, stalled the van but was then instantly able to disengage.

Also the gear selection doesnt feel quite as "springy" with a reduced feeling of ease when selecing the apporpriate gear "gate"
I know its not a GTI but it does seem to have lost some of the normal tension, more of a guestimate for the gear, sloppy and not precise.
Any of you mechanical minds have any thoughts. Unfortunately im no mechanic and before taking to a clutch /gearbox specialist/ general garage any advise would help to avoid me getting ripped off once again!I:

cheers guys:ILU: