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how long before a for sale thread is put on the forum ?

10-07-09, 19:43
I really really need to sell my alloys this weekend so I can get my new ones Monday so I need the thread on here asap, I know its vetted by the mods but how long does it take ?

10-07-09, 19:51
depends mate to be honest,as mods work etc and this weekend a lot of people may be at camperjam,neal glover is on quite often sometimes when he is away aswell as he has internet access on his phone,sorry,i submitted a ad myself tonight but i can wait to be honest

10-07-09, 19:56
yeah I suppose, just a bit annoying when you want something advertised as soon as you post I: but hey ho,

fancy some audi alloys with new tyres :D

10-07-09, 19:59
maybe someone will read this post and buy them,maybe you can re title this thread to how long before my wheels for sale ad appears ???

10-07-09, 20:11
you mean this one, CLICK ( it was already approved when I looked :confused:

but in future I would say, if you really need to sell something over the weekend, posting it before 5.30pm Friday might not be a bad idea. T:

10-07-09, 20:15
cant say fairer than that T: good luck

10-07-09, 22:03
cheers for that, its been a bit rushed as the new wheels wer'e agreed late friday afternoon too

thanks again T: