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Thinking of selling my T4 camper

11-07-09, 19:55
I am thinking of selling my 1994 1.9. diesel. Leisurdrive Crusader camper.
80000. on clock had her 2 years.
This Camper I am told is in mint condition
It has Propex heater
Fiamma wind out awning.
New Tyres
3 way fridge.
Mains hook up.
Captains Seats
Swival Seat.
Everything works 100%
Very econoninal.
Someone wants it but I have no idear what to ask?
I don/t want to rob anyone & I donít want to rob myself,
I did Pay over the odds but this motor was so good and clean I did not bother,
Can anyone give me a starting price guidline.

11-07-09, 20:29
think of a price and stick it in- youve done your advert

if someone wants it they will make you an offer

11-07-09, 20:33
you are the only person who can answer your own question
for example if i say £2000 you can say no way i paid £8000 for it and wouldnt take any less than £6000 if you know what i mean,good luck anyway T:

12-07-09, 10:15
£8500 firm