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It's finally here

13-07-09, 08:29
This weekend i have finally picked up my very first T4,

It's an ex-thames water, 2.5 TDI (88) W-REG panel van isn't she lovely.

There's 119,000 on the clock, and has been serviced by BT fleet so she should be pretty sound.

Things that came with it are:

Orange Beacon and rear spotlights
Roof rack
Roof vent
Leisure Battery with split charging
hand wash water heater basin thingy
floor mounted pull out vice
work bench with drawers + racking
cartalk handsfree kit
sigma alarm.

that's what i've found so far anyway.

anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much i paid? (looking to see if it's as much of a bargain as i thought)

13-07-09, 08:47
3500????!! (maybe)

13-07-09, 09:56
I can keep smiling then :D

Happy Days
13-07-09, 10:07
10,00000000000000000000000000000000000quid...its not worth that but if you payed less,then you got a bargainA:LOL:

Good luck with the New toy Fella:)

13-07-09, 10:27
Forgot to add, the guy i bought it off has another one that is identical.

X-REG with a slightly higher mileage. PM if you want contact details.

13-07-09, 19:05
That is lovely

13-07-09, 20:53
Recently got mine on a v plate. 156k on the clock and paid 1500 for it and she's a diamond will post pics soon when she's done. Looks like a lot of potential you got there though. If you paid less than 3k happy days my man........:ILU:

13-07-09, 20:59
blank canvas!!! bit cheeky i know,but if your getting rid of the double front seat???I:

13-07-09, 21:34
blank canvas indeed and yes less than 3k was paid.

Roof bars came off this evening and I shall hopefully be removing the rest of the racking tomorrow to put in my man room (shed).

plans for the weekend are a spot of diving followed by bulkhead removal and wiring in the ipod. :D

and leevw, seats aren't going anywhere in the near future. more important things first. J:

14-07-09, 02:32
Piccys of the inside?