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breakdown cover? which company for T4

13-07-09, 16:05
i recieved a letter this moring from the AA regarding breakdown cover for my annual automatic renewal and its way to high.

Who have any of you guys gone with?

i tried auto aid today and the girl never heard of a transporter so said she could not offer me cover. i want to cover the missus for here focus too so cheapest i could get was RAC for 96 or ring AA and tell them i leaving and see what they say.

13-07-09, 16:08
cancel your AA direct debit and rejoin a week later as a new member you get a discount ..

no rewards for loyalty these days...

13-07-09, 16:15
The automatci renewals are targetted at that group of people that just renew because it is easiest. If you phone the AA up, and ask for the proper renewal price, they will knock a load off. If you threaten to leave, they may knock more off. If you actually do leave, and then re-join, you may get even more off still!

I joined the AA for my T4. I have to admit, it was purely for the irony of taking out an AA policy on an Ex-AA T4 :) :)


13-07-09, 20:34
GEM rescue are good - you are the member not the vehicle.

13-07-09, 20:41
if you go with the RAC you get forum discounts via the ABVWC...T:

saved a few bob on mine..


14-07-09, 11:46
You should try this site:

I priced up my 1995 Van, and can get everything apart from Euro cover for 45! Bargin if you ask me.

Hope that helps!

14-07-09, 12:00
if you go with the RAC you get forum discounts via the ABVWC...T:

saved a few bob on mine..


Thats awesome. :ILU:

Jim Doodle
14-07-09, 12:05
We have managed to secure a 25% discount on RAC Breakdown cover. Members can choose from a range of cover and save over 30.

Normal Club discount YOU SAVE
Roadside 43.00 32.25 10.75
Roadside and Recovery 90.00 67.50 22.50
Roadside and at Home 97.00 72.25 24.25
Standard Cover 133.00 99.25 33.25

14-07-09, 12:26
I get breakdown cover with my bank as one of the services they provide for a 12 monthly fee. The fee also includes other benefits such as travel insurance (so may or may not be suitable for everyone - assuming your bank offers the service).
My cover is equivalent to RAC cover except it doesnt cover me for breakdown at home. Havent had to use it yet, so cant comment on the service.

14-07-09, 19:21
I'm with a company few will have heard of - Environmental Transport Association ( - been with the AA, been with the RAC - ain't going back.

The breakdown service is entirely subcontracted to local garages, and I've used it twice - needing the van transported home both times - and the callout has been *far* quicker than the others. They also do quite reasonable European cover and motorbike cover (and vans of course) - which I need - and pedal cycle cover (!), which I haven't yet had call for.

15-07-09, 20:59
I've got RAC but through ASDA A:

babs 5479
15-07-09, 21:19
im an rac man come join up i can do 25% discount :D
pm me have been out to a few members lately