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god dam car shops

14-07-09, 21:29
went to get some oil for me2.4d on a 92

asked the chap behind the counter and he recomended synthetic
went in to another car shop and the chap there told me to use a semi synthetic
and halfords recomend a 10/40 mineral


so my question is, which one is it ? ? ?


14-07-09, 22:54

Due to the age & mileage, I would use a slightly thicker oil, 10W40 or 15W40
Castrol GTX Magnatec is semi synthetic and is deffo worth spending a few more quid on

I wouldnt use mineral oil or fully synthetic - just not worth it

Pop in and see Nigel or Andy @ AK autos, they normally stock it
Jon T:

14-07-09, 23:31
hello mate, i use a 15w40 semi synthetic in mine, as said i wouldnt bother with a mineral or fully synth, just regular oil changes will keep it sweetT:

on a side note - ive been to halfrauds many times over the years for filters etc and always make a point of asking the monkey behind the parts desk which oil they'd recommend for a particular vehicle. They ALWAYS say 10w40 ALWAYS. Even when i know its something like 5w30.:eek: