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Help please looking at t4 2moro

15-07-09, 22:22
HI i am no stranger to the vw scene but allways had golf gti s but due to growing family and the need to get away at weekend i am after a t4 panel van for self conversion i am looking at a p reg t4 2.4 non turbo diesel tomoro and wonderd if anyone could give me a few pointers on what to look for any advice would be a great help thanks from trev north wales A:

15-07-09, 22:56
Welcome to the forum :)

Not an expert and I'm sure others will provide more info but as I have a 2.4 I would say look at the following:

Full service history (cambelt ideally at 60k or at 80k)
Temp gauge should sit firmly at half way

Other than that same as you would look at for any other vehicle:

uneven tyre wear
any 'mayonaise' on the oil filler cap
pulling under braking etc etc

T4's and especially the 2.4's are bullet proof if serviced properly. The 'minor' problems seem to be centre around rust/scabbing on wheel arches etc.

Anyway good luck T:

Happy Days
17-07-09, 08:22
like said aboveT:

Ill add my bit...Gearbox..make sure it doesnt jump out of gear..second is normally the one my old van did it in..Good Luck

pearly whites
17-07-09, 11:16
one more thing when you test drive it and think its really slow remember its not a golf gti