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Vagtech Ironbridge??

17-07-09, 18:31
Any one ever used these lot? Just rang for a quote for the timing belt change, quoted 140 for the labour and said he gets good prices on parts,but I prefer to source my own (don't trust no-one).
Seemed to know what he was talking about (I'm easilly fooled by some made up words and a short effective pause though).
I'm not due quite yet but thinking of using em as they say they're VAG specialists and its deffo a good quote.
2.5 TDi (88)

steve padda
18-07-09, 21:44
Never used them, but do use Madley testing station a lot and they do the belt changes etc, ask them for a quote, they used to be severn valley motorsport.


19-07-09, 08:44
Cheers Steve, is that the wee garage by the Miner's arms? Used to do bike MOTs? Opposite side of the road to the old cop shop?