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got it back at last :)

shiro utsuri
18-07-09, 07:23
well , after 4 weeks + of been off the road , i finally got my 88hp t4 back . work done , recon gear box , new piston rings , valves ect ect . basically a full rebuild . cost me 2k !! but now running sweet :)

gona take it back in today for a remap and cruise control fitted

now time to clean it , inside and out . ashamed to say this but had it from new 53 plate and its only ever gone trew a van was half a dozen times !! needs a good wash tcut and polish , just hope the weather holds out today

tadaa :)

18-07-09, 07:44
After spending that much on it you need to wash, polish and valet it. At least then you can tell yourself you've got a new van for the money!