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Then windy thingy's that goes on the winders

Happy Days
19-07-09, 10:50
why are some like 20 quid and others 50?One say stick does the others fit??..Me wants some but dont know which ones to go for:mw

19-07-09, 10:56
i got mine from abe at
good fit and a sweet look LOL:
these ones fit inside the window rubber with no probs in the 9 months io have had them.

19-07-09, 10:57
wind deflectors?

stick on ones are for electric windows

if you have leccy windows and you buy the ones that go up inside window the window can wind back down as it thinks there is something blocking and returns back down

best place is t4srus they are about 25T:

Happy Days
19-07-09, 11:03
Kewl Beans...Abe's it is leckys here im not that posh:D

Cheers GuysT: