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hi all, in a pickle!!!!

21-07-09, 19:30
Hi I'm new on here so hi everyone,
I'm in a bit of a pickle, i own a 1.9td t4 I've had it since October I've spent last winter doing it up and spent a lot of time and money on it coz it was a beat up builders van, and now its a tidy van! or was until it blew up on the way back from Devon the other week,

I've now had time to think and have decided to keep the van coz apart from the engine it is a real gem and I'm gonna keep it for along time, but my predicament is what engine to put in it , I've had a quote for a new engine witch I'm OK with but i wonder about the power in the 1.9td ,is it enough? mine always felt slow and sluggish, was it just because it was on its way out?
would love to try another to compare and c if it was just mine ? i live in Bath somerset if any one could help.
my other option is to put a 2.4 tdi in it . has any one done it? i no it can be done but I'm struggling to find a engine with all the running gear, any ideas?

that's enough for now , yours hopefully James.

21-07-09, 19:36
Welcome sorry for the bad luck so far, I say stick with it and drop in another 1.9td, these vans will never be really quick so just sit back and enjoy T:

Captain Chaos
21-07-09, 19:38
Sorry to hear that dude, just stick a new 1.9 in, hope you get it back on the road

21-07-09, 21:31
speak to aggiet4 buddy. he's dropped a 1.9tdi golf engine in his and says its brilliant, its a bit of a pain to do but seems worth the effort

21-07-09, 22:23
will do< just got to get hold of him, now how does this work??