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23-07-09, 12:54

We have a 2002 888 special that was a panelvan and as we speak is having two side (middle) windows fitted and a rear window. The Van has a geniune rear seat fitted along with genuine seat belts. No perminant cooker, no perminant bed. Speaking to Mike at CMC he said a customer was quoted on a similar van (day van) at just over 200 with just kampers. They want from us 600+ :* Cant believe it!!! :(

Anybody running a similar van what are you paying and WHO are you with????

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


23-07-09, 13:08
Mines an ex-AA van.... insured as a camper for 199 with HIC...

23-07-09, 13:46
Try Adrian Flux.

Fully Comp with about 5 or 6 name drivers, 6 seats, side windows etc about 400.

Happy Days
23-07-09, 14:37
Just done mine by going onto the Auto trader site and clicking insurance..Did the search then rang them making sure that the company would except the 2 side window that i had..they when through 5 who said No..untill they found Sun alliance...Accepted the windows,alloys,lowered,5 seats and give me 500 pounds of tool cover...for just under 300 quid...Im 35 with 6 years no claims...15000miles a year..parked on the road at night time with no alarm fitted..didnt think it was too bad a quote as i use the van for work to:)

23-07-09, 18:43
Adrian flux is your man