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Squeaking Sliding Door

23-07-09, 15:56
Hi All,

The sliding door on my bus has a habit of making a squeaking noise as you go over bumps. Just got back from a 10 day trip to the Alps and it is annoying!!

Is this to do with the two front rubber guides being worn? (Pins on the door and sprung loaded rubber guides in the door shut). Can these be replaced?



23-07-09, 16:00
you can just put a dod of grease in the reciever parts on the pillar,or if you look at the reciever it will be worn on the outside-just push a flat screwdriver into the reciever and give it a 1/2 turn so that there is fresh plastic at the outside T:

23-07-09, 18:54
I've already turned em but I havent tried the grease.

I'll give that a go cheers A:

24-07-09, 23:31
mine got squeaky after the roller bit was replaced. I think it's possible that the door is not quite adjusted correctly. However my roller arm is too beach rusted to move, might try an impct drive on it one day when im bored.

25-07-09, 21:28
I had this exact same problem... so this thread deserves a 'bump' if anyone else experiences the same...

I greased the female receiver, and more importantly a bit of squirty grease into the rubber bush that surrounds the receiver (as I think this is really the bit that's squeaking)... result no more squeaking...

(I've lived with that squeak for 3 years or more! :bhd )