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Fitting late front bumper

23-07-09, 18:14
Hi, could somone advise me what parts and if any mods are needed to fit a late front bumper to an early van.
I have already done the back and that just needed some new guide pieces.

Cheers Lint

23-07-09, 22:01
I've just done the front on mine so still after a back bumper. The front was done in about 10 mins.
Undo the 2 bolts under the number plate and the screws under the side parts near the wing.

Drop the old bumper off and fit the new one using just the 2 bolts. I used new bolts as the holes in the new bumper were tapered and the old bolt heads were too thick.

Basically the bumper is on and fitted it simply needs the sides strengthened and attaching to the car. Luckily mine had the braces already attached.

Screw 2 self tappers per side to the chassis through these braces.

Job done

24-07-09, 06:07
so you don't need the two giude pieces that attach to the front wings then?