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breaking caravelle 2.5 manual diesel

04-08-09, 20:19
hi folks

ive got a 1995 t4 caravelle gl, wondering if anyone wants anything off it, im not too mechanically minded so it will need to be need to be things that can off with limited number of tools and postable, interior and sliding windows and sliding door away, its a 2.5 PETROL manual, im only keeping for a couple of weeks to strip it then its away, drop me a list of your wants and i will see what i can do, the engines blown still runs but milky when opening up top

cheers ally

04-08-09, 21:25
ally any pics ?? send to [email protected]

does it have a intercooler ??
cheers paul

Red Rooster
05-08-09, 11:21
Hi there im looking for a sliding door do you still have it...cheers scott tel 07890890893

05-08-09, 11:44
hi I am after the passenger seat base if you have one, and a rear bumper in good nick, also the seat belt locking base that usually attaches to the

05-08-09, 12:26
I am after the drivers side seatbelt and the passenger side window seal which is at the bottom

05-08-09, 12:28
is it acv engine code if so how much for injector pump?