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Look at this Beauty (Fleabay)

19-08-09, 21:47
If it went for the starting price or anywhere near, I'd have it in a flash. I guess it will go for 15 to 20k.

Black Beauty (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-VOLKSWAGEN-TRANSPORTER-T4-2-5-TDI-CAMPERVAN,2003_W0QQitemZ230368547441QQcmdZViewItem QQimsxZ20090818?IMSfp=TL090818155002r14126)

19-08-09, 22:33
yea thats a sweet vanA: i bought my van off this guy last year hes a nice guy...my family live a few miles from him so they were able to look at the van before i flew over to collect it & while i was there another guy from Belfast was buying a T4 off him he sells loadsa T4s & T5 off his drive...nice work if ya can get itT:

20-08-09, 20:49
It's gone, someone must have offered a good wedge. Don't even get to dream about how much it went for. :-(