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Drivers seat

23-10-07, 16:00
I have the drivers seat out of my 98 1.9TD. It has seen its prevous owners through 113000 miles, and i can only guess at the adventures it has had I:

It is used and a bit worn.
It has a small rip on the bum seat bit.
A small burn hole in it.
It is not a captain seat.( i have replaced it with one)
It has no base.(i am using it)
oh and i have the seat belt clip bit, but u could use your old one as i did.

Just thought i would offer it to anybody as i dont need it and its gotta be of use to someone :)

I would prefer pick up due to its size. PM me if your interested.

i will get picks up soon:D

23-10-07, 21:17

23-10-07, 21:17

04-11-07, 09:19
Item now on ebay, 130170422230