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audi alloys for sale 18 inch

05-02-08, 15:40
SOLD taken these off my van need new tyres on them can have removed if wanted not mint but look decent enough when on individual pics available if required£60 plus postage NOW SOLD THANKYOU FOR INTEREST

05-02-08, 15:51
Hi can you send me some individual pics & what is the offset.

05-02-08, 16:01
Are they 18x8's?

05-02-08, 17:16
I'm interested provided they are a direct fit on my unlowered 1995 T4. Where are you and can I collect? If not, what do you estimate the postage to be (without tyres)?

05-02-08, 17:31
I'll have them for a mate

05-02-08, 17:46
you have pm dude

05-02-08, 17:51
phew so many questions they fitted straight on my van wivout adaptors think offset is 35 but dont hold me to it can check if you tell me how to measure or where to look .dont know if they are 18 x8s individual pics to follow just waiting for photobucket maintenance to finish .like i say not real knowledgable about wheels sorry not going to dubfreeze but surely someone local can transport looking into postage at mo will state cost when sorted cheers

mr self destruct
05-02-08, 18:08
I'll definitely take 'em if I'm not too late, and delivery's not a problem, I can arrange collection!

05-02-08, 18:15
mine is a deffo

05-02-08, 18:26
aah my heads gona blow whats the script as far as who gets first option is it the first with a question or first with concrete offer or finally the easiest for delivery /stroke collection gota say would prefer tyres to stay on then i dont have hassle of disposal/removal.sorry just dont wana pee anyone off with decision

mr self destruct
05-02-08, 18:31
Like I said mate, just let me know how you want paying and I'll have my sister collect 'em! :ILU:

And I'll sort the tyres out too!

05-02-08, 18:58
hi, let me know if the wheels are still available can pay you ppal asap :):)

Mr Big
05-02-08, 19:18
You have pm!

05-02-08, 19:54
These Are Now Sold Thankyou For Interest

06-02-08, 21:34