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Caravelle interior lights with passenger maplight

08-02-08, 21:06
Anyone want one? I have 3 black and one beigey colour, Ive seen some goin silly on ebay but mine are 15 each including first class recorded uk post :D

08-02-08, 22:11
ill take the black one as long as it will fit as a direct swap for the oriinal front light in my 1998 transporter?

09-02-08, 06:50
ill take a black 1 too. pm me with paypal or other details,thanks mike

Soft But Happy
09-02-08, 07:50
ill take the last black one
pm me for payment details cheers

09-02-08, 10:09
PTs on their way guys just the funny beige colour one left

mark freer
09-02-08, 15:20
please sold thanks

mark freer
09-02-08, 15:21
damn forgot my comma again must try harder , just let me know your payment details

09-02-08, 17:47
thats all gone now then, will post as soon as i can find more :)

22-02-08, 14:11
i have a couple can do them for 15.00 free post hope this helps out

22-02-08, 15:33
Hey Carl,
What colour do you have??
I'll take a black if you have it, PM me payment details


22-02-08, 16:50
sorry for got to say only the greyish colourT:

01-03-08, 22:07
if you've still got it i'll take the grey one.Cheers.

01-03-08, 23:36
hi they have all gone at the moment but ill post here if i get any more :D

10-04-08, 17:12
hi guys, one more black one here now :)