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T5 FVN plate for sale

20-11-09, 20:50
see the bay item number 110460224631 i am open to offers and could do with quick sale to fund new alloys for my T4. you can contact me 07903 674101. andrew

20-11-09, 21:20
tempted..... i already have my own plate on the wifes car that i was gonna transfer.. i have seen this on the bay a while ago...I:

what's the lowest you'd go?:ILU:

20-11-09, 21:30
That is correct, I had T5 FVN and T4 4 FVN both were withdrawn as wife could not make her mind up over which van she wanted I: she is now the proud owner of a lovely white T4 so this plate must sell now, pm me your offer. cheers andrew

23-11-09, 06:18
I: e bay finishes today, quite a few watchers as low price no reserve so hopefully a bid or two at the last minute so i can buy new wheels. I: