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Cheap Waeco Fridges

27-11-09, 10:54
Hi there, I've been keeping this to myself for a few days, but i finally won this on the bay:

I am the happy winning bidder and picked it up yeaterday (about 10 mins from M5 J2) to find myself plesantly suprised at the condition of the fridge.

The seller knows a guy who strips out the old prison vans and sells on parts etc.

They were only used to hold little sealed cups of water for the scallywags in the back as it is a requirement to provide water for prisoners. this was very apparant upon inspection.

And there will be more available in the near future, so now I have mine - for what seems to be a bargain price - I thought I'd share this little gem with you guys who have helped me so much!

P.S the model stated is RHD 60. I was a bit skeptical, as I couldnt find any information on this model number, and reading between the lines, it appears it may have been a discontinued model.

Anyways I'm rambling now, but to any of you looking for a Waeco, but like me, couldnt afford 300 plus, keep tabs on this seller.

P.P.S - I am in no ways connected with Lee - just a very happy customer

27-11-09, 18:57
nice one m8, be good 2 hear how it works when your up and running..

27-11-09, 19:11
well apparently, you connect it up to a power supply & this is the clever bit, it keeps things on the inside cool!! just like the big one in yer houseI:I:

sorry dude, got no life and couldn't resist it in my heightened state of boredom. no offence meant:ILU:

28-11-09, 15:49
Have moved this to the ebay listings thread but with a permanent redirect. :ILU:

29-11-09, 17:38
haha very funny, A: just wonderd if it sounded like a genny when its running Rasp: some of the cheaper 1s do..

23-01-10, 20:40
have just picked up fridge, looks good for the money, will plug in tommorow and let you know how it works

25-01-10, 18:35
Have just wired up this fridge, works a dream can highly recomend for the money (110). Lee said has got another 5, but some are missing cosmetic trim.

25-01-10, 18:48
have you got lee's contact info please,


25-01-10, 19:04
Go to first post click on the ebay link, then from ebay send an email, for me it said that email had not been delivered but Lee soon contacted me back