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Bulkhead and shelving

18-02-08, 22:49
I've just removed a metal half-bulkead from a panel van. I've grinded it out as neatly as i could but might require some sort of brackets to refit it.
It also has a very tidy upper part to the bulkhead which is made out of ply and fits very nicely, it also has a small window in it so you can still see inside the back of the van.

There is also a very neat wooden shelving unit - see pics for details. Please note - this is for the shelving unit and bulkhead only (not the rest of the plywood paneling)

The items are collection only.

I dont want any money for them but would appreciate it if a few quid was donated to the T4forum:ILU:


19-02-08, 17:27
do you still have these? I'm proper Cardiff born and cardiff bred if that makes any difference?!!!!

19-02-08, 19:02
Yep still got them:)

19-02-08, 19:05
where abouts i Cardiff are you? Im up in north wales now but could get a friend to pick them up for me.

Want a t-shirt or a vinyl sticker done for your van in return?? (got a small business, would like to give you something in return!) nice of you to give these away!

19-02-08, 19:12
I'm just outside Cardiff now near Llantrisant but i still work in Cardiff near all the car dealerships on Penarth Road. If its easier i could probably take them into work with me and have them picked up from there.

As for stickers... i'll send you a pm. Cheers,