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Heavy Duty Roof Rack

25-10-07, 21:55
Proper job heavy duty roof rack.
Came with my van when I brought it and I do not have a need for it. I bumped into the original owner and was told it cost in excess of 300 when new.


Specifically made for a T4. Will require 6 holes drilling in your roof for fitment and simply bolts on.
Has strap hooks and side supports. I walked around on top of this and the only thing that moved was the vans suspension. Believe me this is a good roofrack and can take the weight of walkboards, deals, ladders etc.. It has no bends or rust.

Due to the weight of it you'll have to collect from Norwich area. I have more pictures and will post them later

Looking for around 120.

Thanks for looking.

13-11-07, 21:46
Not much interest.. More pics.




Make me a good offer or it'll hit eBay....

Big Bad Bear
14-11-07, 14:52
Now you see the problem became when you mentioned drilling holes in roof:eek: Not many people here can even contemplate taking a sharp object to there pride and joy:jd Reckon you would do better on the Bay mateI:

17-11-07, 11:56
Would you take 80 for it bud? Only prob i have is i am the other side of the country to you! Hereford. Can we meet up sometime? Perhaps dubfreeze in the new year? Daz