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25-02-08, 15:46
What lights are you all using in your vans and how many etc? Not quite sure what to use or how many so just after a few ideas really. Pictures would be handy if you have any! Thanks a lot

25-02-08, 16:03
LED seem the only way to go however where to get them??? I have halogen but they nail the battery for energy. Led can be left on for ages!!!

t4 animal
25-02-08, 16:12
get in touch with bodydrop-t4srus- sure he got some for sale:)

25-02-08, 16:19
b&q ikea all sell reasonably priced leds. I used decking ones 3 either side from b&q. I also have a labcraft 12v fluorescent, its about 30cm long and 10 wide. It holds 3 tubes but I find 2 ok, thats 16w. The light off the leds is fab, kind of bluey white and if I need around equivelant of 80w Ive got the fluorescent.
If you bought one of these and needed new lamps then the 240v type are exactly the same as the 12v ones but around 60% cheaper ;)

25-02-08, 16:28
check this magic sight!!!!


25-02-08, 18:31
Link wont work for me?

check this magic sight!!!!


25-02-08, 18:38
too many https...... try this


25-02-08, 18:44
I picked up one of the l.e.d cluster replacements for the festoon bulb in the cab. my silloutte is now printed on the seat covers hiroshima style:eek: Most impressive!

25-02-08, 18:57
Hi , i have 10 x 5mm decking lights in my van , just fitted them last week and they look the nutz!

25-02-08, 18:59
I still use a fluerescent light which i use when cooking and stuff but riged the LEDs to the door switch and when its dark they light up the back nicelyT:

25-02-08, 19:08
sweet thanx alot lads! them led ones are what im think. do they give off plenty of light when jsut them on? guess a fluerescent light would been needed if i needed proper light for finding stuff. might even stick in some colour changing ones just to "pimp" it up!thanx again!

25-02-08, 19:51
They are bright enough for just chilling but u would need something a bit brighter for cooking etc..

Have got some of those stick on led lights that are advertised on e-bay at the moment, they are good for finding, reading & for fitting into cupboards, they are battery operated so no wiring involved plus they are very cheap!!:ILU:

25-02-08, 20:45
yer them stick on ones look good i forgot about lighting the storage. how many led's are in each of your decking lights?are they single ones?

25-02-08, 21:04
Yeah they are single ones , but very white compaired to the ones @ B&Q , be careful of fitting them in the middle of the roof tho thats where i whent wrong as i had to trim the back of the lights as the roof boards are very close to the roof:ILU:

25-02-08, 22:17
I use these in my van they are from a company called CAK Tanks who supply a range of led lights amongst a load of other parts. They use around 2.5 watts per lights but are very bright as they have 17 leds per light.

I have 8 of these and 2 strip lights and its very light with all of them on. I generally just use the strip lights which have 9 leds each and diffusers.

26-02-08, 05:26
all we have in ours are led,

in total there are 10 of these type, four above the slider and six along the other side, then in the roof i have four standard kitchen type downlighters with 12v led lamps in them! plenty bright enough for cooking and reading, too bright for sneaking into bed four hours after the wife, and too bright the following morning!:ILU:

09-02-09, 21:30
Hi all,

Is anyone aware of flush fitting ceiling LED lights that are battery powered. I have been searching the internet for hours and can't find anything.

Hope you can help,


09-02-09, 21:44
Do the standard down lights fit ok in the ceiling or have you had to pack the roof panel off to allow enough depth for them. Also are you using MR16/GU10 type bulbs or the smaller MR11 type/size.T:T: