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Black steel wheels, good continental vanco tyres

25-02-08, 18:46
SOLD (thanks)

25-02-08, 20:16
You coming up to the Volksworld show next month dude?

27-02-08, 07:49
erm, not sure yet mate, however, my parents are in chelsfield
(i noticed you're only in orpington)

could sort out getting them up there? :cool:

27-02-08, 13:30
Cool, tis just down the road.
Now the hard bit, i've got wheels on my van that are fine, and so are the tyres. I also have brand new 18's that i'm waiting on getting rubber for so i'm not really in need of anymore wheels BUT i'm a fan of black so to save me painting my 'daily' ones... 20?

27-02-08, 15:25
you have pm buddy

28-02-08, 17:34
And so do you ;)

09-04-08, 16:32
are these still for sale?