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door step cover

01-03-08, 17:14
:confused:cant beleive a door step cover not new on ebay for 67.00 plus pp which is 14.00 i thought u coul get them new for around 30.00 less they r discotinued from vw.

01-03-08, 17:31
I saw that before and was amazed at how stupid people can be when they get involved in all that bidding malarky!

There are loads of things that go on E Bay for FAR more than they can be bought elsewhere.

If sidesteps will happily fetch 80 +, then I need to get along to VAG and order a **** load at 30 each!! Tidy profit to be had!! :)

01-03-08, 17:51
same goes for glove boxes, captains seats and single seat bases!!!! strange world, i was there once:eek:. But hay i was none the wiser when i started and payed way over for my van.

West Stabbo Customs
01-03-08, 18:24
They are I:

team french
01-03-08, 18:39
if youve got a good local vag dealer it pays just to ask questions, ive been into mine afew times askin odd questions about my 1978 lt28 and theyve always seemed to try if nothing else(mite burst into laughter once i leave!!!). theres a guy on ebay selling the door pockets for 75+postage listed them as rare, if the dealers have em i dont think they are! is that trying to create a false demand or what.

27-04-08, 18:18
they sell them at t4's r us

West Stabbo Customs
27-04-08, 18:54
Yeah at 40, 28 dealer part

27-04-08, 19:35
it definatly pays to shop around i hate to say it but theres a few chancers taking the :c on here with aftermarket parts ,modifications etc and most of it can be got cheaper elsewhere

27-04-08, 20:13
yep, loads of that , flea bay being prime example

West Stabbo Customs
28-04-08, 18:09
I stand corrected

21 + vat T:

04-07-08, 10:06
27 all in at my local vw dealer

05-07-08, 08:43
off to the vw dealer now then...... need a step cover to finish the lino in the back...

will let you know how much

breeze, totton.