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T5 Captains Seats

03-03-08, 20:22
As of the 8th March i will have a set of single front T5 Shuttle Captains seats.
These are from my 05 van and are perfect, i am fitting aftermarket items. Want 350.00 for both OR 200.00 EACH. Preference given to someone who wants both.
These will be e-bayed if no forum member wants them. These will fit a T4 maybe with a small mod as i have not looked.

04-03-08, 07:21
Looks like these are now sold.

06-03-08, 17:38
dude, if your sale falls through let me know, I am interested and have the cash.

Luck Dave
02-10-08, 11:51
Are these sold I need a set ASAP!