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plykit comes carpeted

05-04-10, 19:50

05-04-10, 20:02
I'm pretty sure I've met this guy John ;) I was using the van 4 work in Newquay a while back & he rocked up behind me. Had a look in his & the quality looked spot on T:

05-04-10, 20:03
was it a white van mate??

if so he lives just down the road from me T:

05-04-10, 20:04
Yeah it was.......had all the units in it & he was thinkin of startin up full time ;)

05-04-10, 20:10
small world :D ......... might go down this path then , he pulled up the other day , hes carpeted most of his van including doors .... looked real cosy inside ....... proper job for a few extra pennies =smiley face = good night sleep when finished :ILU:

05-04-10, 20:16
That along with insulation bud will transform it I tell thee :D I slept in mine with nothin in the back a couple of years back :eek: Within a week, I did the lot coz there was no way in hell I ever wanted 2 b that cold again LOL:

05-04-10, 20:31
i hear ya captain........
nuffin worse ........
well avin a dry mouth that is drier than an iracies flipflop !! LOL:

05-04-10, 20:36
That reminds me......its beer oclock again :D