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Porsche Leather Seats

05-03-08, 16:21
Hi Guys,

I was in a place called L.A & R.W Piper today in Sparkford Somerset on the A303, they are Car leather trimmers. I was asking if he could match my rear seats with my Saab sport leather seats, which they can do.

Anyway I was looking around his place and spotted these Blue Leather Porsche seats and asked if he wanted to get rid, he said yeah I suppose so I took these pics, anyone interested will have to deal with them on 01963 441431 they aren't perfect but the pic shows all that is wrong with them. He said about 200.00 so maybe worth a haggle... good luck T:

C'mon Team Blue

07-03-08, 13:01
Just thought I would bring this to the top of the list again. I think the creases would polish out with the correct stuff and thats got to be some great seats for a blue van or even a white van i suppose let me know if anyone has called the guy cheers happy hunting T: